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U-bolts Are Essential.

U-bolts are a critical component of your diesel truck’s suspension system. The most common reason for needing to replace your U-bolts is that they have had to be removed in the repair of your truck’s axle or springs. Because of the rolled threads on U-bolts, once removed, they can not be reused on your truck.

Faulty U-bolts Are A Recipe For Disaster

Though less common, U-bolts can also fail if they become loose, break or corrode over time from weather and rough driving conditions. Signs of damaged U-bolts include rattling, excessive bouncing, your truck leaning to either side and difficulty in handling your vehicle.

While U-bolts are a small component of your suspension system, failure to replace them when needed, or reusing previously loosened U-bolts can cause premature failure of your suspension system.

The good news is that Atlas Truck Repair is able to manufacture and provide U-bolts for your heavy-duty diesel truck right on site. This means you won’t get stuck having to wait for parts and you can be sure that the components benign replaced on your truck’s suspension is a perfect match for your needs.

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