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Atlas Truck Repair

Front End Repair Specialists in Austin, Texas

Our bread and butter is front end repair work. We built our name and good reputation by training specialists in front end repairs.

If your front end components are worn or were damaged in a collision, your vehicle may no longer track properly on the road. As a result, you'll feel every bump and divot in the road is causing your car to sway out of control.

Our mechanics can replace all of the front end components with new parts to restore drivability. We can also perform a full front end alignment to keep your wheels safely tracking straight.

We service all truck makes and models.

Ford, Dodge, Chevy — whatever. If it's a pickup that needs front-end work, we've got you covered.

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Utility trailers, concession trailers and gooseneck trailers
Heavy Duty Trucks-all Makes and Models-from Autocar to Volvo
School Buses, Fire Trucks, Refuse trucks, Cranes
Heavy Duty Trailers Suspensions-Hutch, Neway, Reyco Trailmobile, Transpo and Fruehauf

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Motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheel trailers — if it's a recreational vehicle, we'll fix your front end issues.

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Box truck front end engine service.
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We provide the following front end repair services.

  • Front and Rear End Alignment of Cars, Pick Up Trucks, 4x4’s, SUV’s, RV’s, Trailers, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks using Bee Line and Hunter Alignment systems
  • Wheel Balancing and tire rotation
  • Rack and Pinion steering and CV axle replacement
  • King Pin replacement
  • Repacking or replacement of wheel bearings, U-joint replacements
  • Light and Heavy Duty Brakes
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Control Arms, Sway Bars, Links Anti-Sway Bars
  • Utility Trailer Axle Straightening
  • Power steering box replacement-Light and Heavy duty trucks
  • Hendrickson walking beam rebushing-3 year warranty on Atro bushings
  • Torque arms replacement or rebushing-3 year warranty on Atro bushings
  • Suspension air bags-front and rear

Box truck wheel alignment service.

Why we're Del Valle's trusted front end repair shop.

Front End Work

Technicians must put your vehicle on a lift to properly inspect the front end parts. During the front end inspection, your technician will mark down all of the components that are worn well past their given service limits. Since these components tend to wear down together, you may need to replace several parts to make your car drive like new once again.

Front End Repair

Technicians must remove the old components using power and air tools that can quickly loosen stuck bolts. Technicians will install all of the front end components on your vehicle using fresh hardware. They will then use a torque wrench to tighten down the hardware to spec to keep the nuts and bolts from loosening unexpectedly. Depending on the damage or wear severity, technicians can usually perform the full part replacement process in just a few hours.

Fine Tuning

After installing all of the new suspension components, it is incredibly important to have your technician perform a front end alignment. This is because removing and replacing tie rods, ball joints, control arms or other front end components knocks all of your caster, camber and toe adjustments out of spec. Technicians will place your vehicle on an alignment rack to accurately bring these setting back into range.

Front End Auto Repair

If your car feels unstable or out of control, visit Atlas Truck Repair to have a front end diagnostic performed. Our qualified technicians always perform a full visual inspection and shakedown to spot front end suspension issues. Your technician will verify that the worn or damaged components are causing the bulk of your drivability problems before writing up an inspection report and work order.

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