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Camber - is the inward or outward tilt of the tire viewed from the front of the vehicle. Variations in camber can cause a slow gradual smooth tire wear on the inside or outside of your tire.

Caster - is not a normal tire wear angle but is used as a directional control, having uneven caster can make your vehicle drift or pull to the left or right.

Toe - this is the most critical angles of the three, having the toe set more than a half inch can cause severe rapid tire wear.

  • Q: How do I know I need a wheel alignment, and how often should I get one?
    A: An alignment is the most neglected service most vehicle owners fail to do. You should have your vehicle checked at least every other year or at about 20,000 miles. If you notice any unusual tire wear, you should have it checked as soon as possible to prevent any additional tire wear. Even new vehicles with less than 5,000 miles can be out of alignment.
  • Q: I have a vibration or shimmy when I get up to a certain speed, what can be done about this?
    A: Several things could cause this problem, such as tire balance, weak shocks, or a defective tire. The only advice that can be given is to have your front end and tires checked by a reputable shop. This could lead to problems down the road or yet worse, you could be driving an unsafe vehicle.
  • Q: I carried a large load in my truck and now it sits lower in the back, what can I do? Or I plan to carry a large load on a regular basis in my truck, what are my options?
    A: In most cases, we can reinforce your truck’s existing springs by adding extra leaves to your spring assembly. This will increase your load capacity.
  • Q: I have a Motor home and I'm having trouble with the front air bags, they seem to always leak down. Is there a solution for this?
    A: Yes there is, you can now replace your air bags with our new Super-Duty coil springs specifically made for large motor homes.
  • Q: I pull a fifth wheel travel trailer behind my truck, I notice that I'm starting to get uneven tire wear on the trailer, can these be aligned?
    A: Trailer axles can be aligned, but some other things need to be considered. The axles will have to be removed to do this.

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