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Truck Engine Conversions Services in Austin, Texas

Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair takes the mystery out of diesel conversions. If you're looking to reposer your rig from Cummins to CAT, Detroit to Cummins, or another diesel-to-diesel setup, you're in good hands.

Heavy duty truck getting engine conversion from Atlas Truck Repair in Del Valle, Texas.

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Truck Engine Overhaul in Houston, Texas

An engine overhaul is when your mechanic will replace your pistons, rings, bearings, and other engine parts that can wear out over time. It's important to note that an overhaul isn't the same as a rebuild; it's simply when you replace certain components that can cause damage if left too long without service.

You can replace nuts, bolts, and other removable parts with clean original factory pieces, but you should know that engine overhauls are complex and time-consuming.

Engine Conversion/Swap

In some cases, you might not have a choice but to get a new engine. When your engine is outdated, has been in an accident, or just isn't worth repairing, it might be time to look into getting a whole new propulsion system.